MID-SHIP provides a full spectrum of services across the entire supply chain. Whether you are in need of a specific mode of transportation, or a complete door-to-door solution, MID-SHIP’s global organization has your needs covered.

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Ocean Freight Specialists
MID-SHIP Logistics
Inland Logistics Specialists
MID-SHIP Transport
Truck Freight Specialists
MID-SHIP Project Logistics (MPL)
Project Cargo Specialists
Kinder Morgan Bulk Terminals
Terminals & Warehouses – Liquid & Dry
MID-SHIP Technology
Supply Chain Management Solutions

Ocean Freight Specialists


Locating the right ship, in the right place, at the right time is what MID-SHIP Marine has been doing for decades. It may sound simple, but to be done effectively and cost-efficiently it requires chartering expertise and continuous information gathering by our global staff of cargo and ship brokers.

But locating the right ship is just the first step in fulfilling a successful charter. Negotiations must then follow, with our clients’ interests as the top priority, to obtain the most economical rate consistent with each client’s desired terms and conditions. And the leverage of handling approximately 50 million tons of cargo per year for over 200 clients gives MID-SHIP’s highly skilled broker team an exclusive position to negotiate from in the global freight market.

An additional critical step for a successful charter involves thorough follow-through to ensure a smooth voyage and trouble-free delivery at the destination port. The MID-SHIP Operations team brings experience and attention to detail for this critical element to save our clients time and money by addressing this back office workload.

All of the information gathered before, during and after each voyage gets tracked in our Supply Chain Management System. This provides our clients with real-time online access to fleet reports, vessel ETA’s, cargo bills of lading, contract management, freight rate quotes and much more.

From locating the right ship, in the right place, at the right time and at the right price, to tracking the voyage and addressing post-fixture issues, MID-SHIP Marine’s experience and professionalism ensure successful voyages for our clients.


The MID-SHIP Operations team manages all aspects of each MID-SHIP voyage 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. Our dedicated, in-house professionals offer expertise that is second to none along with current knowledge of global practices and local regional issues.

Our Operations team contribution actually begins prior to a voyage commencing. Utilizing real-time analysis of conditions at various load and discharge ports, Operations advises our broker staff on specific charter party clauses that might need to be modified for the protection of our clients.

Operations appoints agents at the load and discharge ports and monitors each charter to continuously give clients status updates. We collect all of the necessary documentation for the voyage, prepare demurrage and despatch calculations, and handle all laytime negotiations to protect the interests of our clients – saving our clients valuable time and money.

Our global staff of operations specialists coordinates their efforts with our clients, brokers and finance department. Our valuable service not only relieves clients of significant back office workload, but it also assures them that their voyages are being managed by professionals dedicated to providing trouble-free service.

Istanbul Agency

MID-SHIP Istanbul Agency was established in 2004 and during the last few years has become one of the leading agencies in the Turkish market; active in a wide range of maritime business. Our corporate office is located in Istanbul with qualified agents in all of the major Turkish ports. We provide agency services for ships transiting through the Dardanelles and Bosphorus straits. The organization is staffed by professionals who are client-focused and creative in their approach, which is based on the following principles: ethics, transparency in information, professionalism and continuous value added service to our clients.

For more information specifically on MID-SHIP Istanbul Agency services contact:

Cem Kirteler
Phone: 90 (216) 456-2030

Primary Services Geographic Coverage Primary Contact Contact Information
  • Chartering
  • Cargo Brokers
  • Ship Brokers
  • Vessel Operations
  • Voyage Management
  • Freight Payment Services
  • Laytime Accounting
  • Consulting

Brian Malone and
Steven Rzehak

MID-SHIP Partners

145 Main Street
Port Washington, NY 11050
United States of America

Phone: (516) 944-3500

MID-SHIP Logistics
Inland Logistics Specialists

Managing cargoes from mine site to receiving plant, and everywhere in between – that’s the specialty of MID-SHIP Logistics, a dedicated team of professionals with expertise in worldwide transportation and the management of bulk and break-bulk materials.

MID-SHIP Logistics locates and manages cargo for barges, railcars and trucks, supervises on and off loading, finds appropriate warehousing, manages your inventory and schedules delivery of your material to end receivers worldwide. Kinder Morgan Bulk Terminals (a minority partner in MID-SHIP) also provides expertise in asset management through its vast terminal network. For our clients, MID-SHIP Logistics is an essential 24/7 link in the management of their supply chain.

We not only manage and track all of this critical information internally, but we also make it securely accessible and transparent to clients through our online Supply Chain Management System. This online portal provides clients with numerous invaluable resources, including the following:

  • Supply Chain Insight Dashboard – quick reference of your entire supply chain
  • Vessel and Barge Schedules – complete tracking of cargo and orders on vessels and barges
  • Inventory On-Hand (Current and Historical) – fully customizable inventory reports including
    historical points in time
  • Receiver Reports – review purchase order, inventory and shipment information uniquely by each receiver
  • Truck Shipment Reports – report on shipments for any time period by various criteria
  • Reject Reports – reduce storage costs by staying on top of rejected material
  • Data Integration between supplier, receiver and vendor systems – centralize and streamline data via MID-SHIP’s system

By using MID-SHIP Logistics, clients are able to concentrate more on their core business and free up the personnel that are required to manage these critical and time sensitive functions. Our clients also gain better control of overhead by reducing the operational and administrative costs associated with their inventory flow.

MID-SHIP Logistics’ staff provides innovative cost-saving options to clients who seek alternative transportation/distribution methods. We also help clients develop logistical strategies to meet the new challenges of an increasingly competitive global market. MID-SHIP Logistics is your dedicated link in the supply chain.

Primary Services Geographic Coverage Primary Contact Contact Information
  • Cargo Handling/Stevedoring
  • Inland Barging
  • Trucking
  • Rail Freight
  • Container Freight
  • Claims Management
  • Screening/Processing
  • Supply Chain Management
  • Consulting
  • Warehousing
  • Inventory Management
  • Customs Clearance
  • Marine Surveying
  • Cargo Loading/Discharging Supervision

George Kachmar

Logistics Division

MID-SHIP Logistics
156 Main Street
Port Washington, NY 11050
United States of America

Phone: (516) 944-3456

MID-SHIP Transport
Truck Freight Specialists

MID-SHIP Transport is a premier service-driven and client-focused truck brokerage company for all of North America. Our vast network of over 1,000 carrier companies, for local or long haul trips, gives us access to preferred transport schedules and maximized efficiencies for better pricing. Safety is a primary concern for MID-SHIP Transport, which is why all of our carriers meet DOT and insurance requirements, ensuring that both public safety and our clients’ cargo interests are always kept at the forefront.

MID-SHIP Transport offers Just-In-Time or dedicated trucking services along with professional rate guidance. This provides our clients with realistic cost estimates to get the job done right, while avoiding unexpected cost overruns that cut into our clients’ profit margins. Pricing is done on an open book basis with a per-shipment management fee.

In addition to the aforementioned services, MID-SHIP Transport offers a complete trucking solution, providing various additional services that are rare to find elsewhere. Our Supply Chain Management System has integration capabilities to tie directly into clients’ systems. We handle all billing and documentation, providing a valuable time and resource saving service. MID-SHIP Transport can also handle all payment processing, and provide batch billing for more streamlined expense management. And in addition to our staff of industry professionals that are available to clients 24/7/365, we provide essential reports to continuously improve business by maintaining and monitoring Key Performance Indicators (KPI’s).

Primary Services Geographic Coverage Primary Contact Contact Information
  • Just-In-Time Service
  • Dedicated Service
  • Flatbeds
  • Vans
  • Oversized Loads
  • Dump Trucks
  • Billing/Payment Services
North America

Brian Kostef

Vice President
Trucking Operations

MID-SHIP Transport
333 Rouser Road, Suite 400
Moon Township, PA 15108
United States of America

Phone: (412) 397-9358

MID-SHIP Project Logistics (MPL)
Project Cargo Specialists

MID-SHIP Project Logistics (MPL) offers a personalized single point-of-contact to handle the challenges of transporting oversized, overweight and time-sensitive energy related and industrial installations to all parts of the globe. MPL is a collaboration applying the chartering and logistics strengths of the MID-SHIP Group with the project expertise of Kinder Morgan Logistics.

MPL offers a wide range of services that meet the complex demands of project cargo transportation, including the following:

  • Ocean Freight: Complete service of ocean freight transportation, including break-bulk, containers, flat racks and LCL
  • Chartering: Extensive knowledge of the freight markets enables MPL to quickly locate the right ship for the project
  • Air Freight: MPL handles air freight shipments of all sizes including chartering
  • Rail Transport: Our team is experienced in dealing with the railways for over-dimensional or overweight cargo that requires special railcars, clearance, expert blocking and bracing, and constant monitoring
  • Trucking: MPL provides coverage across North America as well as abroad for all kinds of project cargo
  • Barge Service: Waterways are often the best and most economical transport for oversized equipment – MPL charters a wide variety of barges and floating derricks to provide this essential service
  • Dismantling & Erections: In conjunction with the help of expert rigging and erection companies, MPL offers complete turn-key services inclusive of installations to set equipment onto foundations
  • Export Packaging: We arrange export packing choosing the most economical and safest methods such as skidding, crating, palletizing and shrink-wrapping
  • Customs Clearance: MPL offers customs clearance at origin and/or destination
  • Insurance: MPL can provide competitive shipper’s interest insurance rates (underwritten by major insurance companies)
  • Consulting: We encourage our customers to rely on our expertise in the early stages of planning, especially when the cargo is over-sized, transport budgets are tight, or the anticipated schedule affects transportation timing
  • Surveying Services: MPL performs worldwide cargo surveys, load/discharge attendance, supervision, vessel/barge draft surveys, pile surveys, and sampling/analysis

Primary Services Geographic Coverage Primary Contact Contact Information
  • Air Freight
  • Ocean Freight
  • Barge Service
  • Rail Transport
  • Trucking
  • Heavy Lift
  • Dismantling & Erections
  • Export Packaging
  • Customs Clearance
  • Insurance
  • Consulting
  • Surveying Services

Irving Upton

Project Logistics Manager

MID-SHIP Project Logistics
500 Dallas Street
Suite 100
Houston, TX 77002
United States of America

Phone: (713) 369-8503

Kinder Morgan Bulk Terminals
Terminals & Warehouses – Liquid & Dry

A partnership between MID-SHIP and Kinder Morgan Bulk Terminals was formed in 2007. Kinder Morgan is the largest independent terminal operator in North America with more than 170 terminals that store petroleum products and chemicals, and handle bulk materials like coal, petroleum coke and steel products. Key assets in Kinder Morgan’s terminals business include large liquids facilities that store refined petroleum products and alternative fuels in New York Harbor, the Houston Ship Channel and southern California. Bulk terminal operations handle such materials as coal in the Southeast, petcoke along the Gulf Coast and steel products in the Midwest. Kinder Morgan’s facilities have approximately 100 million barrels of liquids capacity and handle about 100 million tons of bulk materials annually.

For more information visit:

Primary Services Geographic Coverage Primary Contact Contact Information
  • Dry Bulk Terminals
  • Liquid Terminals
  • Transload Terminals
  • Warehouses
  • Ferro Services
  • Engineering & Conveying
North America

Bob Diamond

MID-SHIP Partner

Kinder Morgan Bulk Terminals
500 Dallas St., Suite 1000
Houston, TX 77002
United States of America

Phone: (713) 369-8753

MID-SHIP Technology
Supply Chain Management Solutions

Bridging Supply Chain Gaps with Integrated Services

MID-SHIP Technology specializes in streamlining workflows, providing improved transparency across the supply chain, and giving our clients enhanced business intelligence through advanced reporting and forecasting tools. MID-SHIP’s supply chain management system acts as a hub to bridge the spokes of various disconnected systems. This centralized model enables seamless systems integrations and a true collaboration platform for all parties involved in cargo shipments.

Highlights of our technology services include the following:

  • Complete supply chain lifecycle management
  • Enhanced, detailed reporting and forecasting tools
  • Custom dashboards for at-a-glance access to Key Performance Indicators
  • Distinct user access roles for shippers, receivers and vendors
  • Integration options between client systems, vendors and
  • Online document management systems
  • Flexible and scalable solutions with strong security and encryption

In addition to our existing technology platform, MID-SHIP Technology can also help implement new solutions to meet your company’s needs. We offer varying levels of consulting and implementations that are custom-tailored to your exact needs. Whether it involves harnessing our experience across all aspects of the supply chain for consulting projects, or providing turn-key solutions to get you up and running quickly, MID-SHIP Technology can work for you.

Primary Services Geographic Coverage Primary Contact Contact Information
  • Supply Chain Management Solutions
  • Inventory Systems
  • Cargo Tracking
  • Reporting Tools
  • Forecasting Tools
  • Consulting

Craig Ahrens

Vice President
Director of Global Information Technology

MID-SHIP Technology
145 Main Street
Port Washington, NY 11050
United States of America

Phone: (516) 944-3500

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MID-SHIP Timeline

MARCH 1, 1974
Matthew I. DeLuca, Jr.
establishes MID-SHIP Marine, Inc.

MARCH 1, 1991
MID-SHIP Logistics, Inc. formed to act as "Third Party" logistics specialists

APRIL 1, 2002
MID-SHIP expands chartering department to our Miami, Florida office

FEBRUARY 1, 2003
New Orleans, Louisiana office opened to help MID-SHIP coordinate chartering and logistics activities along with cargo and ship/barge surveying

FEBRUARY 24, 2003
MID-SHIP and Imperial Logistics International of Duisburg, Germany form a strategic alliance

JULY 1, 2003
MID-SHIP and Ocean Shipping Services, S.C. of Tampico, Mexico form a strategic alliance

OCTOBER 1, 2003
MID-SHIP opens a chartering and logistics office in Beijing, China

APRIL 1, 2004
Istanbul, Turkey office opened by MID-SHIP to service our Europe-based clients in chartering and logistics

JUNE 14, 2004
MID-SHIP Transport, Inc. formed as a new dedicated truck brokerage company in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania

JUNE 21, 2007
Kinder Morgan Bulk Terminals purchases a minority stake in MID-SHIP, forming the new holding company MID-SHIP Group LLC

NOVEMBER 1, 2008
MID-SHIP opens a chartering and logistics office in Dubai, United Arab Emirates

JULY 13, 2009
MID-SHIP office opened in Houston, Texas to oversee U.S. Gulf operations

JULY 20, 2009
MID-SHIP opens office in Madeira, Portugal to further expand global operations coverage and support

JUNE 1, 2010
MID-SHIP and Kinder Morgan Terminals start Kinder Morgan Logistics in Houston

MAY 23, 2012
Kinder Morgan Terminals purchases additional shares in MID-SHIP Group LLC

JUNE 1, 2012
MID-SHIP forms a joint venture with T. Parker Host to expand our coal activities